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Title: THE LITTLE BAND (2022)

La petite bande

Original Title: La petite bande

Director: Pierre Salvadori
Screenwriter: Benoît Graffin
Year: 2022
Time: 108 mn
Type: ComédieDrame
Distribution: Gaumont Distribution


TRAILER of the film: La petite bande
Artists: Paul Belhoste, Mathys Clodion-Gines, Aymé Medeville, Colombe Schmidt, Redwan Sellam, Laurent Capelluto, Dounya Hdia, Jean-Max Lhuillier, Pio Marmaï, Toussaint Martinetti


The little gang is Cat, Fouad, Antoine and Sami, four 12 year old schoolboys. Out of pride and defiance, they embark on a crazy project: blow up the factory that has been polluting their river for years. But in the newly formed group, disagreements are frequent and tied votes constantly paralyze the action. To decide between them, they decide to bring in Aimé, a rejected and lonely kid, into their little group. As excited as they are distraught by the magnitude of their mission, the five accomplices learn to live and fight together in this funny and uncertain adventure that will totally overwhelm them.

Released: 20/07/2022 (France)

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