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Launchpad for Dj

An excellent gift idea that this Launchpad for professional or amateur DJ that makes your life easier and develops your creativity.
A very good collaboration between Novation and Ableton offers you this Launchpad with ease of use.

The Launchpad Ableton integrates instantly and seamlessly with Ableton’s Live software, providing you with a powerful musical solution to visually control and interact with Live. With its matrix of 64 backlit buttons and dedicated scene launch buttons, the Launchpad has been specially designed to trigger and manipulate clips in Live.

It also offers a new and very exciting Live mixer control mode. Specially designed for Live, the Launchpad comes with a version of Ableton LiveLaunchpad Edition‘, but it is not limited to this task alone. Embedding Novation’s exclusive Automap technology, the Launchpad can drive the majority of audio software on the market.

On the road – the Launchpad is perfect for the nomad musician, weighing less than 750g and taking up less space than a 13′ laptop

Launchpad displays an overview of session clips, which are loaded, which are playing and which are recording. With innovative mixer control – control volumes, pan, effect start, track arming, solos, mutes on 8 channels at once.

Average price of Launchpad varies between 100$ et 200$

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