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Year: 1986  Time: 116  mn
Director: Russell Mulcahy

Synopsis: Connor Macleod is an immortal. He has been crossing the Ages since his 1536 Scotland, multiplying encounters, experiences and fights… For more than 400 years Macleod has been fighting other immortals in merciless battles to win The Prize. The only way to kill him is to cut off their heads and this is what he has been trying to do for centuries, just like his sworn enemy: the Kurgan. A sadistic warrior who has killed the majority of immortals. It is in the New York of 1986 that Macleod prepares for the ultimate fight that will make him the last of the immortals. There can only be one left.


Highlander II: The Quickening

Year: 1991  Time: 91  mn
Director: Russell Mulcahy

Synopsis: In 1999, Connor MacLeod designs a gigantic shield to protect the earth from the sun’s rays, the ozone layer having disappeared. This shield is managed by a very powerful corporation that enslaves humanity. In 2024, two immortals are sent to Earth by General Katana to kill MacLeod. MacLeod manages to decapitate the two henchmen, which allows him to regain his immortality and resurrect Ramirez, his former friend who died four centuries earlier.


Highlander: The Final Dimension

Year: 1994  Time: 99  mn
Director: Andrew Morahan

Synopsis: In feudal Japan, the immortal Connor McLeod is looking for a master to learn the art of magic. He is pursued by Kane, a man who is also immortal but with evil intentions. The latter finds the sage first and kills him. Unfortunately for him, the quickening causes a collapse and he is trapped underground. He is freed after four centuries and, angrier than ever, he sets out again to find Connor…


Highlander: Endgame

Year: 2000  Time: 87  mn
Director: Douglas Aarniokoski

Synopsis: The Highlanders lived in the time of our ancestors and live with us today. For centuries, Duncan MacLeod has crossed paths with his close friend, Connor MacLeod, also immortal. At the dawn of the 21st century, fate has arranged for them to meet again. The two heroes must join forces to end the reign of Kell, an immortal with evil powers.

Soundtrack Queen – Who Wants To Live Forever.

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